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Quick Reactions on Week 1 of the NFL

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Apologies for the shorter writeup today.  I was selected to go to a four day conference for work starting today and it's sucking up all my available time.  I hope to be back up to full speed in a day or so.  

Until then, here are few quick reactions from the first weekend of NFL football:

  • If you've seen Chester Taylor, could you please have him call home?  We all miss him since he's COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! Yes, I know he was injured yesterday. But I have a feeling that once Peterson gets this chance, he's not giving it up.
  • 45 rushes for 126 yards rushing.   If you had the first three picks in your fantasy draft and you took Tomlinson, Jackson and Larry Johnson, that's your Week 1 result.  That was the line for those three guys COMBINED.  
  • The Chiefs ran the ball 16 times and threw the ball 33 times.   If that's the future of the 2007 Chiefs, it will be a long, long season.
  • Romeo Crennel is insane.  First he spent the entire summer yanking the chains of his quarterbacks, like some cheerleader playing off potential prom dates.  Then he finally selects Charlie Frye.   That lasted until the first half of the first game, when he decides to bench Frye and put Derek Anderson in there.  Anderson doesn't do anything  and the Browns get blown out.  Does Crennel think the Browns have any team morale at this point?  Any hope that the coach has a freaking clue?  Why not just put Brady Quinn in there and write off the entire season?  Why not call up Brian Sipe and start him?   If there was any justice, Crennel would be the first Head Coach firing of the season.  I'm not even a Browns fan and this makes me furious.  
  • 14 for 21 yards - 97 passing yards - 1 interception.  That was JP Losman's line yesterday.
  • While everybody is drooling over Randy Moss - and yeah, he's good - the thing that fantasy owners should focus on from the Pats-Jets game should be the RRBC between Maroney and Morris.  They had a 64/36 split in favor of Maroney -- and Morris's carries weren't all garbage time either.   Unless Maroney had some sort of injury, this is a very interesting development.