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Week One Football Answers - Part I

With Baltimore/Cincinnati and San Francisco/Arizona yet to play here are some of the answers to the some of questions I had entering yesterday's games.

Patriots at Jets:

Randy Moss' 9/183/1 performance resoundingly answered that he is a #1WR again.  Wes Wellker's 6 receptions leads me to tenatively conclude he is going to be the safest play as the #2.  However, I won't disregard years of egalitarian WR usage quite yet.

Chiefs at Texans:

QB Matt Schaub has a very efficient game - 16/22/225/1, but not one that would have him in consideration to start next week.  Rookie WR Jacoby jones has likely lost all the luster his pre-season performance gained him.  Two receptions and 33 yards are nothing of note.

Broncos at Bills:

The Broncos had Recievers Brandon catch a total of eight balls - Stokely 3 for 62 yards and Marshall 5 for 55 yards and a TD.  Marshall has the slight edge right now, but, if Stokely produces similarly, then neither will be anything more than a weekly gamble.

Unfortunately, the Bills passing game was so bad, that no conclusion can be drawn on a second WR.

Steelers at Browns:

Despite 4 TDs from ben Roethlisberger, there is nothing in his passing stats to indicate the Steelers' offense will be anymore pass-oriented than it was last season.  23 attempts is amongst the lowest totals in the first week.  However, he did have 20 attempts already once the Steelers were up 24-0 in the middle of the third.

Titans and Jaguars:

So much for the Jaguars defense.  The Titans ran all over it to the tune of 282 yards.  Chris Brown led the way with 175 yards on 19 carries followed by Len Dale White with 18/66 and QB Vince Young's 11 and 22.  To make matters worse for the Jaguars, the Titans completely shut down their vaunted running attack by limiting it to a mere 72 yards on the ground.

Panthers at Rams:

The RBBC is in full force in Carolina as DeSahun Foster got 17 carries and D'Angelo Williams had 15.  Unfortunately, neither got a rushing TD.  In four plays inside the ten, Foster rushed for 2 yards on 1st and goal from the 10, and Williams rushed for -3 yards on first and goal from the six.  After each play, Jack Delhomme went to the air to WR Drew Carter for the score.

As for Torry Holt's knee, 8 receptions tell me it is OK.  Those late drafters who saw him fall to the bottom of the top receivers pack have received their first lucky break of the fantasy football season.

Eagles at Packers:

Who is the Packers #2WR with Greg Jennings out?  No idea.  James Jones caught four passes for less than 30 yards.  Donald Lee did the same, and Ruvell Martin caught two for a mere 14 yards.

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