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Arizona Diamondbacks - 2008 Trading Belles of the Ball?

In a surprise move, the Arizona Diamondbacks resigned LF Eric Byrnes to a three-year $30MM contract.  Surprising because the two parties broke off talks prior to the trading deadline.  However, it was more surprising for a different reason.

That is the OF depth of the team.  With Chris Young in CF and recently recalled phenom Justin Upton in RF, there is no longer an opening for either Carlos Quentin or AA OF Carlos Gonzalez.  With two players of that pedigree blocked, expect the Diamondbacks to be the big player in this year's Winter Meeetings.

To burnish their attractiveness to other clubs, the emergence of UT Mark Reynolds clogs the corner spots already occupied by Conor Jackson and Chad Tracey.  Throw-in AAA 1B Chris Carter (327/385/523), and the Diamondbacks should have enough chips to upgrade a starting rotation of Brandon Webb, Livan Hernandez, Doug Davis, Byung-Hyun Kim and Michah Owings.  

Don't believe the 1st place Snakes don't need a rotational upgrade?, Rotoworld lists recently claimed-off-waivers Joe Kennedy as a co-#5 with not-as-recently claimed-off-waivers Kim.

Who needs and outfielder and a corner in exhange for a starting pitcher?