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Hall of Fame Game Notes

Hooray Football!!  I'm jonesin' for football so badly that scouring writeups of the freakin' Hall of Fame game for fantasy information seems like a good idea.   Here's what I've sifted from the wreckage of the "game".

  • Willie Parker missed the game with an injury, so Najeh Davenport stepped up into the starting RB role.  He doesn't get much notice, but with Parker a little gimpy in camp right now, Davenport is a handcuff you need to have if you draft Parker.  
  • The Steelers gained 305 yards compared to only 56 yards for the Saints.  In the first half!  Overall the Steelers rolled up 413 total yards.  I know it was a meaningless exhibition game, but there's really no excuse for that.  I think I'll knock the Saints Defense down a couple of slots on my draft list.
  • Brian St. Pierre has been in the league for four years.   He's thrown one NFL pass.   That has to suck.
  • Santonio Holmes is going to be a very good wide receiver someday.  Someday might be this season.   He would be a steal as a #4 fantasy WR.
  • Rookie Gary Russell led the Steelers in carries (with eight) and was second on the team in tackles (with four).  That's right, he played both running back AND cornerback yesterday.  There's a guy that would have some serious fantasy value if could do it during the regular season (which he won't).