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Fantasy Baseball News

In yesterday's historical Yankees-Royals game where Alex Rodriguez hit his 500th HR, the Royals used two pitchers who are supposed to be a vital part of their future success, the recently-acquired Kyle Davies and 23-year-old Zach Greinke.  Both demonstrated why "future success" could be after both pitchers are no longer Royals.  

Davies made his AL debut and allowed five earned runs in three innings of work.  In those three innings, he only manged to strikeout two Yankees while walking three and allowing six hits.  Compared to Greinke, though, that was OK.  Greinke allowed the same number of earned runs but did not manage to get one out.  Joakim Soria need not worry about losing the closer's role.

As unimpressive was Yankees rookie Phil Hughes who was unable to complete the 5th inning while staked to a 6-2 lead.  He allowed the same number of runners as Davies (9 = 7 hits plus 2 BBs), but did strikeout five.  Those chasing Ks got what they hoped for in that one category.  Those doing so while trying to maintain ratios got a lesson in that risky late fantasy season behavior.

Barry Bonds hit his 755th HR and congratulations to him for doing so.  That said, what is Bud Selig doing with his hands in his pockets?  While the common fan has every right to think what they will about how Bonds got to the record, Bud Selig was intimately involved in the iteration there.  Was he or was he not the commissioner of baseball during the Steroid Era?

The A's used Alan Embree to close yesterday's 2-1 victory over the first place Angels.  More notable is the fact Huston Street was used to pitch the 8th inning.  Why?