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Fantasy Baseball News

Three things happened yesterday that I found interesting.  Jeff Cirillo became an Arizona Diamondback as did Byung-Hyun Kim , and Hector Luna joined the Blue Jays.  All three were claimed off waivers and let go by their prior clubs - without compensation.

Vladimir Guerrero homered twice for the second consectuive game.  The post-Home Run Derby drought is over.

Justin Upton was 0-4 in his first major league start.  Why do I sense a Chris Young like AVG for him?  Is the .240s too pessimistic?

Poor Matt Cain.  He pitches into the 8th inning with 11 Ks and no walks and hands the ball to the bullpen with two-on and one out.  Vinny Chulk proceeds to allow a three-run home run in a 3-0 game to erase Cain's opportunity for his 4th win.

Mark Teixeira homered for the third consecutive game since joining the Braves.  Was he negatively effected by the constant trade talk while in Texas?  Because brilliant fantasy minds were predicting a significant drop in production with the move from The Balklpark in Arlington to Turner Field.  To partially quote, "..means an expectation that Teixeira is going to experience a sudden power surge in Atlanta probably is not realistic."

$19MM reliever Danys Baez picked-up the save the night after manager Dave Trembley annointed him sole closer despite the success of Jamie Walker in the role.  I am sure the elite baseball analyst will give Trembley kudos for recognizing the O's needed to improve there 7th and 8th inning work and moving their better relievers from the 9th to those innings.

Anyone else notice James Shields has a 4.45ERA now?

Adam Jones went 2-4 in his 2007 debut.  More important, though, is which Mariner found himself on the bench.  Given the Red Sox starter lefty John Lester, Raul Ibanez lost his regular ABs.  Will Jose Vidro sit when a righty starts?