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Fantasy Football Draft Tips - Adrian Peterson Over-Valued?

Mock Draft Central offers a Trend Report that helps see which players are moving-up or -down based on changes in ADP. I was interested to see how some of the most popular RBs who are expected to offer 1st or 2nd round value if they can overcome their depth chart issues.

Specifically, I wanted to see how fantasy drafts are treating the Falcon's Jerious Norwood since I get the feeling there is a lot of hatin' going on about him. At the same time, the love for Vikings rookie Adrian Peterson is seemingly boundless. I also checked out the Redskins' Ladell Betts if only to justify this guy's projections. Plus, Betts' 2006 was so good that I was curious how he was being treated relative to the other two.

The Trend Analysis confirmed what I sensed was occuring. Adrian Peterson has flew-up draftboards while Norwood is falling. At the same time, Betts is essentially ignored in terms of being hot or cold.

Is this fair or does it offer some hints at where there is some draft value?

Player Current ADP Earliest 1WK Ago 1WK Trend 2WK Ago 2WK Trend Initial ADP OA Trend
Adrian Peterson 49 26 49 50 +5.3% 53 +14.7% 62 +20.7%
Jerious Norwood 62 39 94 62 -5.90% 59 -5.20% 56 -10.80%
Ladell Betts 77 52 103 77 0.00% 77 -1.50% 76 -1.50%
NOTE: This analysis was based on the ADP report from the mid-morning 8/30/07.