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MLB News From Yesterday - Joba Chamberlain, Billy Wagner, AL Cy Young

Was I the only one who thought Joba was going to get his first major-league save when he came out to pitch the 9th inning after entering in the 8th with a 2-0 lead (subsequently increased to 5-0 by the end of the inning)?  Then Joba sent two pitches over Kevin Youkilis' head to lose the opportunity for a save when the umpire tossed him.   I have little doubt the pitches were intentional, but I wonder if leagues will be won or lost based on that one lost save.

The Mets brought closer Bill Wagner, he of the well-rested arm, in the 8th inning of a 10-8 game. He proceeded to blow the game in the 9th.  The fact he pitched two innings means the Mets did not believe his fatigued left arm to be anything more than that, but the results are not so consoling.  The next inning in which Wagner allows no runs will be his first since August 18th.

Other than strikeouts, is there any reason to be discussing Johann Santana or Erik Bedard in the AL CY Young race?  Neither pitcher has the Wins total, dominance in ERA, or a play-off team necesary to overcome the seasons of C.C. Sabthia, John Lackey. Josh Beckett, Kelvim Escobar or Fausto Carmona.  Or is this award going to be cheapened the same way a Gold Glove is - just give it to the person who won it before.  Across the stat spectrum, the Red Sox' Josh Beckett should be the favorite.

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Update [2007-8-31 15:4:30 by Eric Hz]: John Manuel is hosting a minor leaguers chat at Baseball America at 3PM.