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MLB News From Yesterday

Finally!  The Braves had a save opportunity, and, not unexpectedly, it was given to Rafeal Soriano.  However, if manager Bobby Cox is going to use the closer in multiple innings, this could easily be a committee as one would not expect many back-to-back multi-inning saves.  The next mid-8th inning save situation will be telling.

The Royals' Zach Greinke made his second start since being returned to the rotation last week and was great.  He threw four shutout innings with five Ks and no walks.  He is going to be a very trendy sleeper if he continues to look like he has conquered his demons.

Am I the only person who noted the Yankees used Mariano Rivera in a multi-inning save and immediately thought Joba Chamberlain is available pitch this afternoon - as a closer to rest Mo'?

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