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Fantasy Football Draft Tips - Miami Dolphins & Jesse Chatman ADP

Very little is expected from the Miami Dolphins for fantasy purposes. Even RB Ronnie Brown is dropping in value with the rumblings that Head Coach Cam Cameron's favorite, Jesse Chatman, has been given a fair shot at the #1 RB role.

Despite the apparent lack of fantasy value, WR Chris Chambers is still being taken in every draft. As surprising, but consistent with Chamber's %D, is the high rate at which QB Trent Green is being taken - 92.84%. Can Green turn Chambers into a 900+ yard WR or will Cam Cameron force the Dolphins WRs into the worthless mix he made the Chargers' WR corps?

One can understand the fact the RBs Jesse Chatman and Lorezo Booker are being selected at all in the midst the the unexpected RB competition. I wouldn't take Chatman as high at 140th OA like one drafter did, but I wouldn't be concerned about using a roster spot for him. After all, there are going to be players who emerge in the first couple weeks and, by then, Chatman's value will be solidly equal to zero. Then the decision who to drop for the emergent player will be easy.

Player Pos ADP Earliest Latest %D
Ronnie Brown RB 19.82 13 30 100.00%
Chris Chambers WR 68.31 50 88 100.00%
Trent Green QB 146.09 106 -ND- 92.84%
Miami Dolphins DEF 164.91 100 -ND- 87.53%
Marty Booker WR 172.35 119 -ND- 65.03%
Ted Ginn Jr. WR 199.88 133 -ND- 11.25%
Jesse Chatman RB 203.01 140 -ND- 2.86%
David Martin TE 203.05 162 -ND- 3.48%
Lorenzo Booker RB 203.48 154 -ND- 1.64%