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Texas Rangers & Baltimore Orioles Closers

The Dallas Morning News reports on the current status of the Texas Rangers' closing situation.  While manager Ron Washington is still holding to the line that the role is up for grabs, he did say, "The past couple of days, [C.J. Wilson] found himself there and done the job.  If he keeps finding himself there, one day you might have to say, 'There's the guy.' He's certainly got the stuff, but it's not that easy to come in the ninth and do that, and we don't want to rush him into that."

Interestingly Wilson is reported to have said, ""I feel like a closer when I brush my teeth.  I want to do it. If I'm holding a spot, it's my spot until someone takes it away."

Desire and opportunity combined with success is a formula for a new closer.  Working against Wilson is Washington's continued adherence to a belief the job is still up for grabs and that Wilson is a lefty, but one can't disbelieve the actual results.

The Baltimore Sun reports manager Dave Trembley is ready to name a full-time closer versus the committee he has used in the prior two weeks or so since closer Chris Ray went on the disabled list.  In an effort to make fantasy players disbelieve the actual results, Trembley is leaning away from lefty Jamie Walker (4 saves) and Chad Bradford (1 save).

Trembley said that he'd definitely like to get away from using Walker and Bradford to close games, which likely could lead to Danys Baez being named the full-time closer.

"I don't really like to keep going to Bradford and Walker," Trembley said. "That's not what their role is. They've done it, but I still think in the long run, it's going to catch up to you if you continue to do it."