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Fantasy Football Tips - Jacksonville Jaguars ADP

Following the post about Jacksonville QB Byron Leftwich, I wanted to see the Percent Drafted figures (courtesy of Mock Draft Central) for the team. There was little doubt that both RBS would be 100% drafted, but I was surprised at how frequently WR Matt Jones is being taken. (Despite the fact, I did draft him in the SBN FFL on Monday evening.)

At 98.98%, there is little doubt that Jones is expected to be the No. 1 WR on the Jaguars. Dennis Northcut and Ernest Wilford could be very deep sleepers, but a zero %D makes my question the meaning of "could".

In addition to Jones' %D figure, I was was also surprised by QB Byron Leftwich's 49.49%. I can't see any reason for a number that high, and I like Leftwich to offer some upside value. I just can't see him offering enough to be taken in nearly 50% of the drafts. However, Pro Football Prospectus 2007 does offer some statistical support for 5th-year QB improvement, and Leftwich could help support that trend. (PFP07 also says 2nd year QBs improve, too).

Any suggestions why Jones and Leftwich have been drafted so frequently?

Player Pos Team ADP Earliest Latest %D
Maurice Jones-Drew RB JAX 17.48 12 27 100.00%
Fred Taylor RB JAX 65.11 45 91 100.00%
Matt Jones WR JAX 120.9 86 -ND- 98.98%
Jacksonville Jaguars DEF JAX 168.43 105 -ND- 81.60%
Reggie Williams WR JAX 186.7 126 -ND- 49.49%
Byron Leftwich QB JAX 189.1 129 -ND- 47.03%
Josh Scobee K JAX 203.03 160 -ND- 5.73%