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Fantasy Football - SB Nation Draft

Last night, I had the third of my five fantasy football drafts. This was the SB Nation FFL. It is a 12-team league with standard scoring along with 3 WR and a Flex. Along with the extra WR (or Flex depending on your preference), a seven-man reserve makes this one of the deeper leagues one will encounter in fantasy football.

Picking third, we debated who to take amongst Frank Gore, Jospeh Addai and Larry Johnson. While doing so, the first loop of the draft was thrown. The team picking 2nd, Cincy Jungle, took the Colts' QB Peyton Manning. As quickly as a team gets under center and takes the snap after an obviously reversible call, we selected Stephen Jackson.

Coming back, we hoped for some good RBs to be available, but the other teams got on a QB run the likes of which I haven't seen with all the Big Guns (Palmer, Brees, Brady and Bulger) taken before our second round pick, #21 overall. As a result, we had our choice of elite receivers.

We took Terrell Owens.

1. Torry Holt - recent injury news

2. Marvin Harrison - age worries

3. Steve Smith - injured last season albeit breifly

4. Chad Johnson - Scientific Football 2007 expects the unreliable week-to-week production to continue

5. Reggie Wayne - not until Harrison breaks down

After selecting Edgerrin James with our third selection, we decided to get at least one more top-shelf WR when the draft came back and settled on Texan Andre Johnson. With the RB depth practically gone, we took Saints' WR Marques Colsten when the draft snaked back to us in the 5th round.

With our RBs and WRs covered, we began to focus on adding depth to our bench. Unfortunately, we waited too long to grab a QB and lost out on Matt Leinart. Making this worse was the fact I missed Leinart's name at the top of the list of available QBs while grabbing a TE. Hopefully, our consolation prize, Eli Manning, finally gets his act together.

Outside of the Leinart mistake, we exited this draft happier than we could have imagined going in. However, that feeling worries me - a lot.

NOTE: Following our draft results are links to the other league participants' websites. Each covers a specific NFL team. Hopefully, the names are not too clever that you cannot determine which teams those are.

Rd OA POS Player Team
1 3 RB Stephen Jackson Stl
2 22 WR Terrell Owens Dal
3 27 RB Edgerrin James AZ
4 46 WR Andre Johnson Hou
5 51 WR Marques Colsten NO
6 70 RB Jerious Norwood Atl
7 75 WR Santonio Holmes Pit
8 94 RB LenDale White Ten
9 99 TE Algee Crumpler Atl
10 118 QB Eli Manning NYG
11 123 RB Kevin Jones Det
12 142 DST Raiders OAK
13 147 QB JP Losman Buf
14 166 K Olindo Mare NO
15 171 WR Matt Jones Jax
16 190 WR Ruvell Martin GB

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