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MLB News From Yesterday

A day after making himself unavailable, Mets' closer Bill Wagner pronounced his one day of rest to have cured whatever tired arm issues were ailing him.  There appears to be no reason to suspect an injury, but, if rumors about the Mets searching for bullpen help pick-up, then my suspicious mind will begin working overtime.

The Tigers' Joel Zumaya pitched an inning and two-thirds yesterday.  As anyone focused on the 2008 season can attest, seeing Zumaya pitch more than an inning signals he is still a favorite to close next season.  What is up with that goatee?

Trim that bush!

2006 World Series hammer (do Carlos Beltran's knees still buckle at the thought?), Adam Wainwright, won his 12th game last night and lowered his season's ERA to 3.86.  It was his sixth straight Quality Start and his 9th out of the past 10.  After an awful first two months of the season (5.59 ERA/1.79 WHIP), he has played himself into 2008 sleeper territory.  The Primacy Effect says fantasy players will just remember those initial months.

DeviL Rays rookie Andy Sonnastine won his third game.  With a 6.38 ERA, there is little doubt he'll be available for a $1 at next year's auction drafts.  With a 1.9 BB/9 ratio, he will garner some sleeper talk.  Unfortunately his propensity to allow the long ball (14 in 96 IP) and mediocre K/9 (6.6) will make even a $1 seem too risky.

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