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Fantasy Football Draft Tips - PPR Draft Results

The 2nd of five fantasy football drafts are in the books. This was one of those draft where I was a pick or two or a round too late on many selections. It began in the first round where I hoped Brain Westbrook would fall to seven. He was selected 6th. That left me with the choice of Shaun Alexander, Reggie Bush or Willie Parker. I went with the RB with the least amount of wear and who is the primary rusher for his team.

In the third round, I wanted Dolphins' RB Ronnie Brown. Jessie Chatman my tush. Unfortunately, Brown was selected two picks before my own. Edgerrin James was the consolation.

After selecting Texan WR, and PPR machine, Andre Johnson in the 4th, I was ready to select a high upside RB. I wanted Minnesota's Adrian Peterson. He was selected three picks later and did not make it into the 5th round. "Settling" for Jerious Norwood was the result. (I wonder if the Jets wished they had taken him in the third instead of some OSU LB.)

In the 6th round, I wanted to choose TE Kellen Winslow or QB Vince Young. I decided to go with Winslow as a TE run began with Tony Gonzalez, Todd Heap and Jeremy Shockey falling off the board since my last Norwood selection. I did not believe Winslow would make it another 12 selections to make it back to me in the 7th and though Young might. Wrong! Young was taken two picks later. FWIW, Chris Cooley, Vernon Davis, Owen Daniels and Ben Watson were taken before the draft snaked back to me.

After two selections that built RB depth (the Norwood one and Betts) and two that came amidst mini-runs (QB Tony Romo and TE Kellen Winslow), I found my receiving depth to be a serious concern. I had been passing on a group of WRs that included Santana Moss, Jericho Cotchery, Braylon Edwards and Joey Galloway after selecting Redskins RB Ledell Betts in the 7th round. Before taking QB Tony Romo, I intended to take Cotchery, but he was selected at the turn and Bernard Berrian and Edwards went before my pick. Finally, Santana Moss was selected three picks after Romo.

Having missed on those top WR2, the next four selections were WRs taken with the hope that one will emerge as a viable Flex option in the PPR format. Muhsin Muhammad was a safe selection as he is likely to catch 60 passes. Someone has to catch passes in Oakland, so that explains the Porter selection. Seattle #2WR D.J. Hackett is a favorite sleeper of mine as is Titan's #1WR(?) Brandon Jones. In the event one doesn't emerge, the recent news that Damon Huard will QB the Chiefs led me to select Chiefs' #1WR Eddie Kennison with my final pick.

Having a draft where you are a pick and/or round too late does not leave a fantasy team with a positive feeling, but I will remain hopeful that the randomness of a 16-game season will make some of those misses into hits.

Round Overall Player Pos
1 7 Willie Parker RB
2 18 Torry Holt WR
3 31 Edgerrin James RB
4 42 Andre Johnson WR
5 55 Jerious Norwood RB
6 66 Kellen Winslow TE
7 79 Ladell Betts RB
8 90 Tony Romo QB
9 103 Jerry Porter WR
10 114 Muhsin Muhammad WR
11 127 D.J. Hackett WR
12 138 Brandon Jones WR
13 151 Jason Campbell QB
14 162 DST Dolphins DST
15 175 Josh Brown K
16 186 Eddie Kennison WR