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Fantasy Football - Draft Results

I had my first fantasy football draft last night and was fortunate to land the second pick. With LaDanian Tomlinson the no-brainer first, Rams' RB Stephen Jackson is the consensus second pick. What made this draft interesting was the elimination of the Defense and the substitution of Individual Defensive Players (IDP).

This was the first time I have played with IDPs, and I suspect it was the first for many of the league participants. Most of us did not know who was valuable in this format (safeties and linebackers), and many did not know who the best of those were. Even I stuck with the big name players, Jason Taylor and Shawne Merriman, and took them early because I would be a disadvantage later in the draft when I would not be as familar with some of the lesser know names.

Outside of the IDPs, I focused on building depth and taking the best player available at my pick. We drafted ten bench players so I wanted to be sure to grab a back-up at QB and TE who did not have the same bye weeks as my expected starters. In leagues with deep benches, it is important to use a couple of those spots for quality back-ups as the pool will not have the quality that leagues with just a couple bench spots have.

I am not dissatisfied with my team, but I'm not asking for the trophy maker for engraving prices either.

Round Pick Player Position
1 2 Steven Jackson RB
2 19 Terrell Owens WR
3 22 Cedric Benson RB
4 39 Lee Evans WR
5 42 Marshawn Lynch RB
6 59 Jerious Norwood RB
7 62 Santana Moss WR
8 79 Kellen Winslow TE
9 82 Matt Leinart QB
10 99 Jason Taylor DL
11 102 Shawne Merriman DL
12 119 Darrell Jackson WR
13 122 Brett Favre QB
14 139 Leon Washington RB
15 142 Sean Taylor DB
16 159 Nate Clements DB
17 162 Owen Daniels TE
18 179 Brandon Marshall WR
19 182 Rob Bironas K
20 199 Ruvell Martin WR
21 202 Paul Posluszny DL