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Breaking News - Chiefs Name Huard Starting QB

The Chiefs apparently had a sudden flash of common sense as they've named Damon Huard as their starting QB.  The much-maligned Brodie Croyle Experiment is over (for now).

Even though I've been down on Larry Johnson this offseason, this move means that even I have to consider him with the #3 overall pick.  I still think the offensive line is an issue, and we're not talking about Tom Brady at QB it's Damon Freaking Huard so there are still problems with the offense being too one-sided.  Every team on the Chiefs schedule will be reviewing tape of that  KC-Indy playoff game last year.

I think you could comfortably take Gore at #3 and in PPR leagues possibly, maybe, even Addai.  But right now, taking Johnson at #3 is a reasonable choice.