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MLB News From Yesterday - Bob Wickman, Zach Greinke, David Murphy, Brandon Morrow

In a surprising closer change, the Braves designated their closer, Bob Wickman, for assignment without a clear-cut back-up.  Manager Bobby Cox eqivocated on who will handle the role, but expect Rafael Soriano to get the first crack with Pete Moylan as the next option.  This move could also signal the imminent return of Octavio Dotel from the D.L. is also a possibility.

Royals' starter-turned flame-throwing reliever-turned starter again, Zach Greinke, threw three shutout innings in his return to the rotation.  While he has taken the a successful step, he may not be ready to throw win-qualifying innings until September.  

Rookie OF David Murphy hit his first HR for the Texas Rangers since being acquired in the Eric Gagne deal.  Overall, he has hit a scorsching .481 in 27 ABs with four coubles, a triple and a homerun.  As a lefty hitter, this effort could play Murphy into a significant 2008 role.  However, Lets see what his metrics look like when he isn't hitting everything.  Four strikeouts and zero walks needs a little more context.

Brandon Morrow's K and IP have left his BBs in their dust in the race to see which stat would be greater at season's end.  With 56 Ks in 51.2 IP and just 42 BBs, Morrow is being to look, statistically, like the dominant reliever he appears to be on the mound.  Too bad closer JJ Putz has been so great since taking over in 2006.