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Fantasy Football Tips - Tight Ends Percentage Drafted

In fantasy baseball, punting categories is a common strategy. In fantasy football, the equivalent is punting a position. One does this by waiting until the latest possible round to fill that position. It is typically done with Kickers, but Defense and TE are also viable choices. It is these positions that most benefit from my Percent Drafted (%D). By seeing who is not selected 100% of the time, a fantasy footballer can construct a worst case scenario for the punted position.

A look at the TE list of players were were not selected in 100% of the Mock Draft Central Drafts, one can see that there is a chance that even Philadelphia's L.J. Smith could be avaible in the last couple/trhee rounds. More likely would be Tennessee's Bo Scaife, Oakland's Zach Miller or Miami's Dave Martin. Any of those three (in that order) would be acceptable to me if it means I picked-up a handcuff RB or quality sleeper WR like Green Bay's Ruvell Martin or Seattle's D.J. Hackett.

Player Team ADP Earliest Latest %Drafted
TE Randy McMichael STL 116.93 79 -ND- 99.25%
TE L.J Smith PHI 135.29 90 -ND- 93.83%
TE Heath Miller PIT 140.08 93 -ND- 94.13%
TE Greg Olsen CHI 158.17 90 -ND- 79.07%
TE Tony Scheffler DEN 160.37 110 -ND- 79.67%
TE Owen Daniels HOU 178.05 105 -ND- 54.22%
TE Eric Johnson NO 188.14 118 -ND- 36.90%
TE Desmond Clark CHI 190.5 110 -ND- 32.98%
TE Ben Troupe TEN 196.84 136 -ND- 25.15%
TE Bo Scaife TEN 200.19 133 -ND- 12.05%
TE Leonard Pope ARI 201.93 151 -ND- 11.30%
TE Marcus Pollard SEA 202.37 145 -ND- 6.63%
TE Alex Smith TB 202.73 151 -ND- 9.04%
TE Jerramy Stevens TB 202.74 153 -ND- 6.48%
TE Marcedes Lewis JAX 203.27 161 -ND- 3.92%
TE Zach Miller OAK 203.37 159 -ND- 2.26%
TE David Martin MIA 203.4 156 -ND- 2.86%
TE Jermaine Wiggins JAX 203.65 168 -ND- 3.77%