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Fantasy Football Tips - Tennessee Titans ADP

With many fantasy experts expecting Titans' QB Vince Young to be a Top 10 QB, and I believe Chris Liss of Rotowire has him Top 5, I decided to take a look at how the regular fantasy football community is valuing not only Vince Young, but his supporting cast.

If Young is going to move into the Top 10, he is going to have some coattails and bring a teammate or two with him. Based on Percent Drafted (%D), WR Brandon Jones (47.4%) and TE Ben Troupe (25.2%) are the favorites over TE Bo Scaife (12%) and WR Eric Moulds (3.5%).

According to K.C. Joyners Scs% statistic, Eric Moulds had the best rate amongst 66 WR qualifiers in 2006 with a 79.7% catch rate. I'd take Jones over him if given the option, but Moulds ability to catch what is thrown to him may temper Jones' yardage totals. At TE, Troupe is the better known name, but there is no way I would select ahead of Scaife - Young's TE at Texas in 2005. Joyner's Scientific Footabll 2007 expects more from Scaife as do the KUBIAK projections from Pro Football Prospectus 2007 (405 yds versus 342).

More surprising (admittedly not a high bar to hurdle) is the relatively undrafted status of kicker Rob Bironas at 3.5%. If Vince Young is a Top 10 QB, then he will at least be able to move the ball into field goal position. If PFP2007 is correct about the negative correlation of FG% >40 yards, then Bironas may be primed to be this season's Robbie Gould - an undrafted kicker who turns into a top scoring kicker. FWIW, they project him with more points than Gould in 2007.

Pos Player Earliest Latest %Drafted
QB Vince Young 46 118 100.0%
RB LenDale White 66 -ND- 99.5%
RB Chris Henry 83 -ND- 89.0%
RB Chris Brown 83 -ND- 77.9%
WR Brandon Jones 107 -ND- 47.4%
TE Ben Troupe 136 -ND- 25.2%
TE Bo Scaife 133 -ND- 12.0%
WR Eric Moulds 145 -ND- 5.6%
K Rob Bironas 179 -ND- 3.5%