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MLB News From Yesterday

When I saw the score of last night's 30-3 Texas victory over Baltimore, I immediately sought out the boxscore while frantically searching my mind for any Baltimore pitchers on my teams.  I have Daniel Cabrera on one team and Jamie Walker on another.  After reading the boxscore and seeing Cabrera's name, I doubted my belief that he was sitting on my bench - as he has for months!.  As quick as I could I signed into my Yahoo! account and confirmed Cabrera was on my bench.  Fortunately, Jamie Walker didn't pitch.

Then I scanned the Texas boxscore with the expectation that the one player who didn't get a hit or drive-in a run would be on my team.  The "worst" player in the game was RF Nelson Cruz who went a mere 2-7 with no RBIs.  He wasn't on any of my teams.  However, I do have Sammy Sosa on an AL-only team, and he didn't play at all.  

While I chose to pick-up Toronto SS John MacDonald over Ramon Vasquez on Sunday, I am not as sickened by missing Vasquez' 2HR/7 RBI night as I would have been had I had an 0-7 hitter playing in a game like this or a pitcher who took one for the team.  However, I do realize that MacDonald will not hit 2 HR over the rest of the season, and will take weeks to amass seven RBIs.  If it weren't for owning Jarrod Saltalamacchia (2HR/7RBi), I'd be more disappointed.

My teams were not hurt by the massacre, and the vast majority of fantasy teams weren't either.  Who has Brian Burres, Paul Shuey and Rob Bell anyhow?  And if there is a team with any of them, should they in their fantasy races?

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