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Robert Ferguson, Larry Johnson, and a Manning gets on my nerves

More NFL news, this time with happy landings for a few players.

Larry Johnson, RB, KC -- Johnson finally signed a contract extension which gives him the big money he's wanted.  So everything is fine now, time to draft LJ #2 overall right?  Nope.  He still has a rookie quarterback, a patched up offensive line and is coming off a season where he had an NFL record 416 carries.  Let me say that again because it's worth repeating: Nobody in the history of the NFL had as many carries in a season as Johnson had last season.  I still don't like him as the #2 or #3 overall pick, and in PPR leagues I could see him slip out of the top five.

Robert Ferguson, WR, Minnesota -- The longtime Packer and longtime injury list resident signed a contract with the Vikings.  It seems as though Ferguson has been in the league forever, but he's only 27 years old.  That's significant because 27 is the age that players tend to break out with big seasons.  No, wait, that's in baseball.  Well, then there's really nothing too significant about this.  Ferguson may end up as the #2 WR in Minnesota if he can stay healthy, but even so he should be one of the least fantasy-worthy #2 WRs in the league this season.

Eli Manning, QB, NY Giants -- Is there any football story in the news right now lamer than the Eli and Tiki "feud"?  Please, this is like watching two old women bicker over the price of a toaster oven on The Price Is Right.  First, Barber says that Manning needs to show more leadership, something that most people familiar with football agree with.  Manning comes back and essentially says...."Oh yeah?  Well he's a loser!"  Yeah, good job Eli, that'll show him.  

Eli Manning annoys me.

When Tiki was on the field, he protected Eli's butt a lot.  Last season Manning was sacked 25 times; this season, I'll take the over on that one.   With an unproven Jacobs at RB, most of his wide receivers injured, and people starting to whisper "bust" around him, Manning will have his chance to show everybody how much of leader he is.