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Fantasy Baseball Strategy Dilemna - This Year or Next?

With 39 days remaining in the 2007 MLb season, I am at a crossroads in my season.  Currently, I am in 7th place in a 12-team league where the top five finishers receive renumeration of some sort, and the minor league draft order is determined in 6th-12th/5th-1st order.  The category that offers the most room to move is Wins.

Here are the category standings.  The six teams ahead of me in the standings are also ahead of me in the category.

Wins (Rank/Total/Team/Points):  

  1. 68   Buzz 12
  2. 64   Mafia 11  
  3. 61   Gorillas 10
  4. 58   Maddogs  9
  5. 57   SCRAMBLED 8
  6. 57   Mo Fo's  7
  7. 53   Hinz-39  6
  8. 53   Boogeyman 5
  9. 52   Homers  4
  10. 46   Milos  3
  11. 45   Pistols 2
  12. 42   Goodfella 1
There is clearly room to gain points for my team and at the expense of my competitors  It is a win-win situation no pun intended.  I currently have John Lackey, Matt Garza and Shaun Marcum on my roster with starters Ervin Santana and Kameron Loe on reserve.

Assuming my ratios were safe, I should add both players, but I'd have to make a subsequent move on my active roster to add both.  Amongst my non-starters are three inexpensive closers - Joakim Soria, Al Reyes, CJ Wilson, and none will be removed.  My other three non-starters are Joel Zumaya, Brandon Morrow and Joba Chamberlain.

The win-win situation doesn't seem so easy now, and that is my dilemna.  Go all in and add starters at the expensive of next year's roster or stay pat and suffer a likely 7th place finish versus a money one but still have good value going into 2008.