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Kansas City Royals - Zach Greinke and Joakim Soria

The Royals have just announced that starting pitcher Odalis Perez will likely head to the disabled list and be replaced in the rotation with 23-year-old, fire-balling reliever Zach Greinke.  This is good news for everyone who has cheered for the still very-young former phenom who was sidetracked by a social anxiety disorder, and Greinke agrees with the move.

"It is what I wanted.  I think you're more valuable to a team as a starter. So if you're good, then it's better to be a starter. It's just harder to do well as a starter, in my opinion."

More notably, Greinke learned to maximize his arm speed, which boosted his fastball into the upper-90s and helped result in 55 strikeouts in 53 1/3 innings.

If that is in fact a lesson he learned, then the Royals will have a 1A behind Meche for the remainder of the season.  2008 will shape-up much better without the need to spend another $55MM on a pitcher with the ability to be good.

The other beneficiary is Rule V rookie closer Joakim Soria.  With Greinke in the rotation, Soria will close for the remainder of 2007, and, assuming Greinke's success, he will enter this off-season as an unrivaled closer as the Royals prepare for 2008.

There are sure to be questions about Greinke's projected success as a starter in this afternoons' baseball chats.  I know I am reserving judgment given his past anxiety issues, but I will be rooting for him to succeed regardless.

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