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MLB News From Yesterday

Wily Mo Pena hit his 2nd HR as a National.  With Dmitri Young signed to a two-year/$10MM extension slated to play LF next season, Austin Kearns in right and some combination of Ryan Church and the resurgent Nook logan in CF along with whatever toolsy OF Jim Bowden adds in the off-season, where will Wily Mo play in 2008?  Bowden may be able to swing a trade, but I wonder if he hasn't destroyed his credibility over the past two seasons with exorbitant asking prices for his players.

There were two pitchers who joined the 15 Win Club - Tim Hudson of the Atlanta Braves and Tim Wakefield of the Boston Red Sox.  With Wakefield's 4.35 ERA, he is not a serious candidate, but Hudson has an ERA of 3.03.  If it stays in that area and he wins twenty and the Braves make the play-offs, he will be a serious contender.  Those are a lot of "ifs".

White Sox rookie OF Jerry Owens stole his 19th base of the year last night.  With similarly-skilled OF Scott Podsednick entering another year of arbitration after avoiding it with a $2.7MM contract, one would expect the White Sox to decline arbitration to Podsednick and replace him with owens for a tenth of the cost.

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