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Finding Breakout #2 Wide Receivers - NFC

Following Eric's NFC post, I want to preview (again) some of the teams that could have a breakout #2 WR.  

Based on what has happened in the past, here is what I think is necessary (in order of importance) for a breakout #2 WR to happen:

1)    Significant upgrade in quarterback
2)    New Coach (preferably Head Coach, but other coaches help)
3)    Established #1 Wide Receiver

While the AFC had two teams that I felt were candidates this season, the NFC only has one team that fits the criteria above.  I listed the loss of Joey Harrington as a good thing for Miami yesterday, and now I'm going to turn around and list the addition of Joey Harrington as a good thing for Atlanta.  Yes, I realize how crazy that sounds, but I think it's true in both cases.


  1. Upgraded (from a passing standpoint) from Michael Vick to Joey Harrington
  2. New Head Coach (Bobby Petrino), new Off Coordinator (Hue Jackson), new WR Coach (Paul Petrino)
  3. Joe Horn (679 rcv yards, 4 TDs in 2006)
Potential Breakout #2 WR: Michael Jenkins/Roddy White

This is further complicated by the fact that the #2 WR in Atlanta still isn't set.  Jenkins is the #2 guy according to the depth chart, but reports out of camp say that White has looked far better.  So this isn't much help for fantasy players, except for the fact that neither Jenkins nor White are likely to be drafted in your league and you should be able to pick up the #2 when he finalizes the job.

There are two other NFC teams that could be considered long, long shots for a breakout #2 WR this season:

Tampa Bay

  1. Upgraded from Chris Simms to Jeff Garcia
  2. No new coaches
  3. Joey Galloway (1057 rcv yds, 7 TDs in 2006)
Potential Breakout #2 WR: Michael Clayton


  1. Upgraded from Mark Brunell to Jason Campbell
  2. No new coaches
  3. Santana Moss (790 rcv yds, 6 TDs)
Potential Breakout #2 WR: Antwaan Randle-El

Both of these teams have new quarterbacks full of potential.  It's unlikely -- though possible -- that Garcia and/or Campbell will have breakout seasons this year.  It's even more unlikely that two stubborn old coaches like Gruden and Gibbs will change their offensive philosophies enough to let a #2 WR breakout.