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MLB News From Yesterday

Arizona uber-prospect Justin Upton started in RF and went 0-4 with three strikeouts to drop his AVG to .245.  Given the success of the team and the pending roster expansion on September 1st, Upton's major league roster spot should be considered safe for the remainder of the season.  Going into 2008, the expectations will be sky high so he is a very valuable player if only to deal him based on projected value.

Mariners uber-prospect Adam Jones entered yesterday's victory as a defensive replacement and did not get an AB.  Since being recalled, he has started three games.  Unfortunately for him, Raul Ibanez and Jose Guillen rediscovered their power stroke at the same time and forced interim manager Jim McLaren to choose between the proven veterans or the rookie.   Jones' had no chance to get regular ABs as his 7-23 line shows.  With just a 2B and 7 Ks, that doesn't argue for more, though.

Tigers' uber-prospect Cameron Maybin finished his first major league weekend going 2-11 with his first major league HR off Hall-of-Fame pitcher Roger Clemens.  He struck out four time, though, and did not draw a walk.  The same reasons that Justin Upton's major league roster spot is safe apply to Maybin as does the perceived value going into 2008.

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