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Fantasy Baseball Strategy Tip - Chasing Strikeouts

Right now, fantasy teams are chasing various categories. One of the "easiest" categories to chase are Strikeouts given all teams do it every game and that the stat is dependent on number of innings pitched. As a result, this category is chased by streaming starting pitchers in and out of the line-up as frequently as possible.

Here is a list of the teams that have struck out the most frequently and one of those who do so the least. Surprisingly, the Royals and Pirates are not on this list despite my sense that everyone gets their starters in against them.

Rank Team Ks
1 Florida 996
2 Tampa Bay 960
3 San Diego 955
4 Cleveland 938
5 Texas 927
6 Philadelphia 908
26 Baltimore 696
27 St. Louis 665
28 LA Angels 662
29 LA Dodgers 642
30 Minnesota 624

This is a list of teams to avoid. These teams strikeout at below-average rates and take walks at above-average ones. I interpret this to mean there are more men on-base and more balls put in play - a recipe for danger when trying to chase strikeouts while holding the ratios steady. Surprisingly, the Bay area teams are on it, but I doubt anyone is afraid to have their pitchers face them.

Team Ks BBs
Boston 774 523
Oakland 823 503
NY Yankees 737 476
San Francisco 707 432
Houston 811 418
NY Mets 765 408