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Seattle Mariners - Adam Jones Being Recalled

Despite making no trades of significance, the Mariners are shaking-up the team in the midst of a pennant race.  Top prospect OF Adam Jones will be recalled on Friday.  The likely losers in this move are veterans Jose Vidro and Raul Ibanez.

The move drew the public ire of RF Jose Guillen, who told the Seattle Times:

"I just hope they understand this is not Triple-A,'' he told me [Geoff Baker, Mariners' beat writer]. "This is the big leagues.''

"I guess they have something to do but this is a totally different league.  I understand he's a good prospect and if they think that he's ready, then hey we'll see.

"He's going to have to come here and prove that to us. Because this team has been good with what we have and I don't think that's what we need...he's a No. 1 prospect and he's going to be here sooner or later somehow, some way, but I just completely don't understand that move right there.

I don't know what they're trying to do. I hope they don't do something stupid to mess with the lineup that we have. Because I believe we have a pretty good one.''

I can't help but wonder if their is some self-interest involved with Guillen's outburst.  After all, he and the Mariners failed to reach a contract extension a couple of weeks ago, and Jones presence may limit Guillen's time in the Pacific Northwest to the next two months.

Also, after 4+ months of 198/299/394 from $14MM-a-year 1B Richie Sexson, the Mariners' new manager is going to put him into a platoon with Ben Broussard.  Will this cure a four-month ailment?  Maybe.  Will it last long enough for fantasy players to get value from Broussard?  Maybe not.

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