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MLB News From Yesterday

Update [2007-8-17 15:11:16 by Eric Hz]: John Manuel is answering questions in a chat at Baseball America.

This mornings' New York Post reports that Joe Torre intends to rest his closer for a couple days.  I've heard that before.  Expect Mariano Rivera to not only close every remaining game against the Tigers (assuming they take the next three) but also pitch at least one multi-inning save.  Torre's proclamations on bullpen use are as valauable as Tampa Bay ALDS tickets for 2007.

Arizona rookie CF Chris Young hit his 22nd HR.  With 19 SB, one would think there would be a lot more discussion about this fantasy stud, but his .236 AVG deflates enthusiasm.  Expect a full off-season of reflection to take Young's 2008 draft value into a more appropriate round.

Cole Hamels won his 14th game last night against just 5 losses.  Those 14 wins are tied for the NL-lead with Tim Hudson, Brad Penny and Carlos Zambrano.  Hamels' 3.50 ERA makes him a dark horse for the NL Cy Young.  If it were under 3.00, I'd say he'd be the favorite.  Unfortunately for him, Brad Penny has a 2.61 ERA with a more impressive 14-3 record.  Brad Penny, Cy Young winner?  Paul DePodesta is having a taste of redemption right now.

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