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One Raider, Two Raider, Three Raider, Four

The Raiders have a quarterback problem -- the problem being that they don't have a starting quarterback.  

There's Andrew Walter.  There's Josh McCown.  There's Daunte Culpepper.  And there's JaMarcus Russell.  No, wait, there isn't JaMarcus Russell, he hasn't signed yet.  Wasn't he supposed to be pretty good?

In case you're wondering, this team has problems.

Wide receiver Jerry Porter and rookie tight end Zach Miller have been getting press as sleeper candidates, but the longer this QB carousel goes on the less likely that becomes.

Maybe the Raiders are just holding out for Russell, but that plan is looking worse and worse.  Russell only had two years as a college starter and now is missing valuable training camp time.  

If the plan is for Russell to step in right away, then the Raiders had better pick a #2 QB and get him some time right away.

If the plan ISN'T for Russell to step in right away, then it's even MORE critical that the Raiders select a starter.

I think Porter and Miller have sleeper potential as well, but that's diminishing by the day as the Raiders' QB situation remains unsettled.  

The 2007 Raiders are looking just as organized and coherent as the 2006 Raiders.