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MLB News From Yesterday

Huston Street closed out the A's victory last night.  Has he finally recovered from his elbow injury or has he reached the point where the A's can't do anything about a Josh Johnson-esque reoccurence?

Despite Brian Fuentes activation, Manny Corpas closed out last night's Rockies victory.  Meaningful?  Slightly, but I'd take Fuentes right now if I could get him.

Al Reyes finally saved a game!  Al Reyes finally saved a game!

Jose Valverde saved his 36th game last night for the Diamondbacks.  36th!  

Shaun Marcum won his 10th game for the Blue Jays and dropped his ERA to 3.31.  He is now 8th in the AL in ERA.  Am I the only one surprised by how good he has been?  He has 101 Ks in 127.2 innings, too!

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