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For Better Or For Worse - Part 2

Do you feel this way about Randy Moss? Then read this.

My previous post on which players will be better fantasy choices or worse fantasy choices than generally predicted has produced a lot of comments, which is great.

We all have those players that we just know are going to exceed expectations. And we all have those players that we just know are going to be disappointments. All of us draft that way, whether we always realize it or not.
Here's the second part of the list of the players I just "know" are going to be better or worse. How do I know? I guess I'd say I have a gut feeling about it. Hey, if Chertoff can get away with that when it comes to terrorist attacks, I think I can use it for fantasy football.

  Better Worse
MIA Trent Green, QB Marty Booker, WR
MIN Chester Taylor, RB Adrian Peterson, RB
NE Donte Stallworth, WR Randy Moss, WR
NO Deuce McAllister, RB Reggie Bush, RB
NYG Reuben Droughns, RB Brandon Jacobs, RB
NYJ Leon Washington, RB Jerricho Cotchery, WR
OAK Josh McCown, RB Lamont Jordan, RB
PHI Kevin Curtis, WR Reggie Brown, WR
PIT Santonio Holmes, WR Hines Ward, WR
SD Antonio Gates, TE Philip Rivers, QB
SEA Shaun Alexander, RB D.J. Hackett, WR
SF Arnaz Battle, WR Frank Gore, RB
STL Steven Jackson, RB Isaac Bruce, WR
TB Michael Clayton, WR Cadillac Williams, RB
TEN Chris Brown, RB Vince Young, QB
WAS Jason Campbell, QB Ladell Betts, RB