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MLB News From Yesterday

First the Dodgers acquire pinch-hitter Mark Sweeney.  Now they have added 1B/3B Shea Hillenbrand and sent rookie Delwyn Young back to AAA.  Young had been 7-14 in limited August action, but I don't see how Hillenbrand will be any better after failing with a team that needed a bat, too.  Combined with the Sweeney acquisition, Dodgers' GM Ned Coletti seems to be falling victim to the hypnotic power of the aging veteran.

Felix Hernandez's six-inning/one run effort last night against the punchless Twins brought his ERA down to 3.86.  With an AL average ERA of 4.47, Hernandez retains a lot of fantasy value, but a scan of his games log seems to tell a story of frustration - 1, 4, 4, 1, 6, 3 earned runs in his past six starts.

Yankees' rookie Joba Chamberlain threw one scoreless inning and added two strikeouts.  He now has eight in 5 innings of work.  If he continues to pitch this well, he will get the King Felix treatment building to his 2008 season.  FWIW, Chamberlain won't pitch until Wednesday if Joe Torre adheres to the front office's usage edict - no back-to-backs and two days off if more than one inning.

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