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Where Did the HRs Go?

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick has an interesting article up at about the drop in HRs this season.  As anyone with late first/mid-second round draftees, David Ortiz and Travis Hafner, could attest, there seems to be something there.

Those two could be written-off as victims of lingering injuries, but what about J.D. Drew or Manny Ramirez?  How about the lack of pop from the catching position?  Richie Sexson?  Miguel Tejeda?  Nomar?

Mr.  Crasnick examines several reasons in more detail than this list.

  1.  Steroid Withdrawal
  2.  Mother Nature
  3.  Father Time
  4.  The Old Horsehide
  5.  Injury Bug
  6.  Better Pitching
  7.  Stuff Happens