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Kellen Clemens - 2007 New York Jets back-Up QB

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In Friday night's exhibition win against the Joey Harrington-led Atlanta Falcons, 2006 2nd round pick, QB Kellen Clemens, threw for an impressive 174 yards on 16 of 22 passes with 3 TDs and no INTs.  Given this was the first exhibtion game of the pre-season, hopes needn't get too high, but it did spur me to see what Pro Football Prospectus 2007 had to say about the seldom-used back-up QB.  (ed:  Just his luck to play behind Pennington in the first season Chad doesn't miss a game.)

...for his long-term future, of course, and all reports out of New York say that he still looks every bit like the prospect David Lewin's system and Ron jawaorski's eyes said he when Chad pennington suffers his inevitable season-ending injury, Clemens can claim the starting job for good.

There is little there that surprises, but PFP's projection for Clemens does: 58.8% completion rate with 2934 yards and 19 TDs along with 349 yards rushing.  Of course, this assumes a 16-game  season, but those totals are not far from Pennington's 64.5%/3192/20 with a meager 106 yards rushing.