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Brian Wilson - San Francisco Giants Closer?

With 50 days remaining in the 2007 season (8/11/07 to 09/30/07), the Giants finally recalled the reliever GM Brian Sabean said would be the closer in 2007 - RHP Brian Wilson.  Unfortuantely, Wilson suffered an appendectomy and a muscle strain on his side in the middle of the year.  If this weren't enough, he was so wild prior this string of misfortune, that his season numbers - 24 BBs in 34.1 AAA innings - hide the fact he has been lights out since July.  Over 18 innings, he has 18 Ks and just 8 BBs.  More interestingly, Wilson has not yielded a single HR this season and has a very impressive .185 BAA.  His GB/FB ratio of 1.29 is also a plus.

Could Wilson replace Brad Hennessey as the Giants closer over the next seven weeks?  Yes, but that seems unlikely.  With struggling 7th and 8th inning options, the team can elect to pitch Wilson in important late-game situations without exposing him to the 9th.  With success in those roles, the team would still have a good idea if he could be the longer-term solution in the 9th inning.