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Reaching An Ideal Condition of Draft Harmony

I have two fantasy football drafts coming up - my "money" league tomorrow night and then my office fantasy league on Monday Night.  

American Heritage Dictionary -
nir*va*na       (nîr-vä'na)  
2.    An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, or joy.

I think I have now reached a level of Fantasy Football Draft Prep Nirvana.  I have studied, analyzed and read an enormous amount of fantasy football data.  I've reviewed depth charts, training camp reports and gamebooks.  I've done mock drafts and "what if" scenarios.  I've read a lot of the mind-blowing, incredibly good Pro Football Prospectus. I know the third WR on the Vikings and the guy backing up Rex Grossman.

I am now ready to draft.   Bring it on.

Some (possibly) interesting thoughts from the two preseason games yesterday:  

  • T.J. Duckett is going to play a significant role in the Lions running game this season, especially while Kevin Jones is out.   He may go undrafted in many leagues, so he would be a great pre-season waiver pickup.
  • Craphonso Thorpe was on the field last night.  I just like saying that.
  • Imagine that before the Week 2 games Manning and Joseph Addai are driving together and they suddenly get broadsided by a car driven by a drunken Lindsay Lohan.  With both Manning and Addai injured, Jim Sorgi and DeDe Dorsey take over the offense.  Both of them instantly become fantasy starters and suddenly your fantasy football league is fundamentaly different than it was the day before.  It makes me think that Free Agent Acquisition Budgets (FAAB) are a much better way to handle free agents than a waiver system.
  • Shayne Graham is a good kicker.
  • The Colts only ran the ball 15 times the entire game.  I know they don't want to risk Addai (2 carries) but come on Dungy, you need to let some of these guys get some work.  
  • I wonder how many fantasy owners will be ballsy enough to draft Chris Henry and then wait out his 8 game suspension.  Probably not many, unless you play in a league with 18 bench slots.  He could be the kind of player that makes the difference between a fantasy title and missing the fantasy playoffs by a game.