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Breaking News - Kenny Irons out for the season

Bad news for the Bengals, but good news for you if your league draft is tonight and your goombah opponents don't read Fake Teams.  

Bengals RB Kenny Irons injured his knee during last night's exhibition game. The latest news is that Irons is out for the season.  This is hugely disappointing - Irons had been an excellent running back in college and there were indications that the Bengals drafted him specifically to give Rudi Johnson a break and to let Irons have some carries to ease up on Rudi's wear and tear.  Well, that plan is down the crapper.

That leaves the uninspiring Kenny Watson as Rudi's backup.  He's an injury handcuff, but nothing more.  Watson has been in Cincinnati for four seasons; if they thought he could handle some of the rushing load, they wouldn't have spent a 2nd round pick on Irons.

So here's the late breaking fantasy impact of this injury:
1)    For the love of Ki-Jana Carter, don't draft Kenny Irons!
2)    Bump Rudi Johnson up a spot.  He won't share carries, it's all Rudi all the time this season.
3)    Don't draft Watson except as a late handcuff for Rudi.