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Fantasy Baseball News and Chat Links

The Dodgers picked-up 1B/OF/PH Mark Sweeney from the Giants in exchange for a PTBNL.  I've been in Vermont for a week wondering why Canadian geese aren't treated as vermin and eliminated!  Could that have taken so much mental energy that I missed a reason why the Dodgers would want Sweeney?  Is this the purported Colleti-itis revealing itself?

Braves closer Bob Wickman was not used yesterday because of some lingering forearm issues dating back a couple weeks (read: pre-trading deadline).  Oscar Villareal was used for the final out in yesterday's win, but I'd expect recent acquistion Octavio Dotel to get the chance to pick-up where he left off in Kansas City.  I wonder if John Schuerholz' reputation gets tainted knowing he was trying to deal a hurt Wickman to New York.

FBB with Tristan Cockcroft at 11AM.

MLB with Jerry Crasnick at noon.

NFL with Scouts' Jeremy Green at 1PM.

MLB with Jayson Stark at 1PM

FFB with Scott Engel at 3PM.

NFL with Matt Mosley at 4PM.

Baseball Prospectus' Jim Baker at 4PM.