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Trading Deadline Grades

There is still a month left for teams to add players via trade, but it will be much more difficult as all players muct clear waivers before a trade can be worked out.  What teams did by banking on their players being able to clear waivers is forfeit the opportunity to deal with whomever they chose.  Now teams will be at the mercy of the claiming team.

Boston Red Sox Grade: B:

Adding Eric Gagne for a scrapheap Kason Gabbard, a 4th OF-type and a player who couldn't vote if he wanted to and keeping him away from the other contending teams in need of bullpen help was a good deal.  However, did the Red Sox need to do that?

New York Yankees Grade: D-:

With bullpen and bench needs, the team addressed the later by weakening the former.  However, prospect stud Joba Chamberlain could make that go away if he can blow away major league hitters the same way he has minor league ones.  However, allowing the Red Sox to land Gagne at the price paid is unforgivable.  Ala Horne better win 10 games next season - for the Yankees!

Toronto Blue Jays Grade: Inc:

Baltimore Orioles Grade: F:

Thankfully, the Orioles' players are so unwanted that they will likely slip through waivers this month and be available for a C-level prospect they are worth.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays Grade: B:

The team added relievers at the cost of non-core players.  Having a deep pool of hitting prospects likely made it easier to hold on to those arms.

Detroit Tigers Grade: C-:

Hoping for Fernando Rodney and Joel Zumaya to return to full health isn't an excuse.  Flirting with Jack Wilson?

Cleveland Indians Grade: C+:

Kenny Lofton was a nice pick-up for a good minor league hitter who shouldn't haunt them for a couple years.  Lofton seems superfluous though.

Minnesota Twins Grade: C-:

Luis Castillo for organizational depth?

Chicago White Sox Grade: F:

Organizational middle relief filler after being in the trade market for a month?  Did anyone see Dye pratically walk to first base after hitting into a game-ending double play last night?

Kansas City Royals Grade: C+:

Kyle Davies is 23-years-old and Royals GM Dayton Moore was with the Braves organization during his minor league seasons.  Other than that, Davies looks like a poor pick-up.  

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Grade: F:

Enough already.  Vladimir Guerrero hasn't homered since June 23rd.  Trade the "prospects"!

Seattle Mariners Grade: C:

While rumored to be heavily interested, it is possible the asking prices wouldn't budge off Adam Jones.

Oakland A's Grade: C+:

Getting anything for Jason Kendall is a coup.  However, losing the flexibility to deal Piazza to whomever you want isn't good.

Texas Rangers Grade: A:

Adding a major-league ready switching hitting catcher for a player who played first base was great.  Getting additional well-regarded prospects is gravy.  For their one-year risk, the Rangers have added another back-end rotation candidate, a 4th OF-type and a very young prospect.

New York Mets Grade: B:

Needed a secodnbaseman with on-base skills and got one for nothing.

Atlanta Braves Grade: A:

When is Jarrod Saltalamacchia going to match Mark Teixeira's production?  Not before 2009 if ever. Octavio Dotel was a coup and seriously strengthens the bullpen.

Philadelphia Phillies Grade: B+:

With nothing but organizational filler to offer, the team added starting 2B Tadahito Iguchi and SP Kyle Lohse.

Florida Marlins Grade: Inc:

washington Nationals Grade: F:

Cameron Maybin for Jon Rauch?  Two-years/$10MM for Dmitri Young?  

Milwaukee Brewers Grade: C-:

Three lefty pitching prospects for Scott Linebrink?

Chicago Cubs Grade: F:

Jason Kendall stinks.  Rob Bowen stunk.  Thank God Carlos Zambrano is pitching like a CY Young candidate again.

St. Louis Cardinals Grade: C-:

Should we sell?  Should we buy?  Oooh, Joel Piniero!

Pittsburgh Pirates Grade: F:

Reports of Troy Glaus for Jack Wilson was worth a chuckle, but acquiring his hitting inferior Cesar Izturis was inexplicable.  Matt Morris?  Maybe if he is flipped for more than RAjai Davis.  Good luck.  28 other teams could have had Morris at that price and did not bite.

Houston Astros Grade: D+:

A hot reliever market gets an old team an old Ty Wigginton for former closer Dan Wheeler?

Cincinnatti Reds Grade: F:

Inexcusable lack of activity.

Los Angeles Dodgers Grade: B-:

Nice job adding Scott Proctor for a superfluous Wilson Betemit, but dangerously close to becoming the Devil Rays and Angels with their prospects.

San Diego Padres Grade: A:

Adding Milton Bradley, Joe Thorton, et al for Scott Linebrink was great.  Incremental improvement repeated often enough turns into significant improvement.

Arizona Diamondbacks Grade: Inc:

Colorado Rockies Grade: F:

Loves blocked prospects too much.

San Francisco Giants Grade: C:

Does the team expect all its veterans to pass through waivers and allow the team the same freedom it would have had prior to the July 31st deadline?  Of course.  Moving Morris and his 2008 obligation was a good move.