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MLB News From Yesterday

The Yankees' Chien Ming Wang ran his record to 9-4 with yesterday's 6 and a third innings scoreless effort.  His ERA is down to 3.36.  Given his strikeout rates last season, most experts foresaw an ERA in the 4's if only because more balls would find their way through the infield.  So far, Wang looks like the exception to the rule because I cannot see his improved K/9 accoutning for it - 4.14 versus 3.14 in 2006.

Don't look now, but Red Sox SS Julio Lugo had the type of day at the plate that every fantasy wants - three hits in three at-bats with a HR and a SB.  He season has been so bad that his start to July (6-20 with a HR and two SBs) is largely unnoticable.  He is amongst my list of players I expect to do well in the second half.

Speaking of that type of player, the Padres' Milton bradley played a second consecutive game without injury.  He went 2-4 with a SB and is now 3-7 as a Padre.  He is batting 5th and should be good for quality numbers for the rest of the season ASSUMING he stays healthy.  Asserting the sun will rise tomorrow is a riskier assumption.

Another first half flop ("disappointment" is too kind) is Braves centerfielder Andruw Jones.  He went 3-3 last night with two SBs.  Maybe a second half free agent push is going to occur?  As importantly, will anyone remember Jones' contract season when they assert that free-agents-to-be perform better than non-free-agents-to-be?

4A OF Jeff Salazar went 2-5 yesterday and is hitting .300 now.  No other regular in yesterday's Diamonbacks line-up is hitting that high.  It is too early to scold the Rockies for letting him go, but I've been following Salazar for a long time and it is becoming harder for me to stave off my personal bias in his favor.

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