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Homer Bailey

After his best start of the season, the Reds have optioned hot pitching prospect Homer Bailey to AAA.  There is nothing but a transaction on in terms of an explanation.  

Why was he sent down?  Was it to keep him on an every 5th day schedule?  Given his start Saturday, he'd be in line to pitch on Thursday.  Despite the good effort yesterday, Homer has given the Reds no reason to do that.

If I were a Bailey owner, I wouldn't be alarmed.  At this point in the season, Bailey isn't the difference between winning and losing.  If I wanted to acquire Bailey, this would be a good time as he won't pitched again for at least ten days, and, depending on the generousity of your league's activation rules, you may be able to push that decision into August when the likelihood of 3 good starts and three bad ones won't be as damaging to your ratios.