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News From Yesterday

The Yankees hit two home runs off Twins rookie starter Kevin Slowey.  In seven starts, Slowey allowed 13 HRs.  After the game, the Twins demoted Slowey to AAA.  He may be amongst the top pitching prospects, but he is in no condition to help fantasy teams.  In addition to those 13 HRS, he is also too hittable (53 hits in 37 innings).

Bill Hall came up lame with a high ankle sprain in yesterday's loss to the Pirates.  This is good news for Tony Gwynn Jr as he will get the chance to get regular ABS, assuming he is recalled.  With speed and a good AVG, he is the type of player that will be an asset over the next two months as he protects the hitting ratio.

The Devil Rays embarrassed themselves again in a 15-4 loss to the Red Sox in which the bullpen allowed nine runs after starter JP Howell gave up six in less than one inning.  Nominal closer Gary Glover had a good appearance on a relative basis as he allowed no runs.  He did put three men on-base though.  There is a hint of the problem in this morning's St. Petersburg Times that hints at the problem:

[Rays GM Andy] Friedman also said he agrees with Maddon's philosophy of addressing players privately rather than criticizing them through the media. Though he acknowledged some might not respond and need "the next step."

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