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News From Yesterday

The Cardinals' Chris Carpenter is going to make his next scheduled rehab start on Saturday.  This is five days after his rained-out Monday start and just four days after his first rehab start on Tuesday.  If the Cards are bringing him back on four days rest, then his elbow must be OK.

The Devil Rays placed their closer Al Reyes on the D.L with a slight shoulder strain.  To take his roster spot, the team recalled Jon Switzer.  What is notable is the team by-passed former closer Seth McClung and former closer-in-waiting Chad Orvella.  What signal is sent to either player that a last place team with a 10-game losing streak doesn't believe either can contribute?

A's closer Huston Street threw from a mound at a distance of 50'.  He hopes to be ready on July 20th.  In related news, marlins' starter Josh Johnson is going back on the D.L. with forearm tightness.  Recall he had the same injury Street is coming back from.  Even if Street returns on the 20th, Johnson's situation should be kept in mind.  Buying Embree low following Street's activation should be at the back of every competitive fantasy team's mind.

The Rangers continue to win with a line-up of back-up infielders and 4th outfielders.  Is it possible that the un-sabremetric "hunger" is the reason?  The team seems "scrappy".  Unfortunately, this scrappiness will allow more teams to leap ahead of them in the draft next June.  Has Tom Hicks build-up enough goodwill with Scott Boras to insure Superagent keeps Pedro Alvarez' demands so high that none of the teams selecting ahead of the Rangers will take him?

Jason Isringhausen saved his 16th game last night.  That total isn't especially noteworthy, but his peripherals are.  With just 11 walks, he is posting a wonderful WHIP of 0.84.  After last year's horrific 1.46 (38 BBs in 58.1 IP), this is welcome news.

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