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Daily Baseball Projections

With the trading deadline in the past, there are just two months left in the fantasy baseball season.  Every start your pitcher loses in one fewer chance you will have to catch-up in Wins.  A two-week league adjustment by your recently-acquired Mark Teixeira will lead to the loss of 25% of the time you have left to make-up ground in the power categories.

There is a new fantasy website up to help you make the best daily decisions you can.  It is called  From the site:

With a special focus on daily transaction leagues, looks at projections on a day-to-day basis rather than season-to-season. The goal is to create a community of bright baseball minds that can work together to change the way projections are done. Daily hitter projections are coming soon, and the first preview is actually already up and includes the top two at every position out of the ten teams playing on the light Monday schedule.

Actually, the first hitter versions are up now.  I have also included a link to the site in the "Fantasy Baseball Blogs" section of Fake Teams.