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Eric Gagne to the Red Sox?

Baseball Prospectus is holding a chat.  The panel consists of John Perrotto, Kevin Goldstein, Nate Silver and Christina Kahrl.  I'd expect some interesting last-minute stuff to be offered.

So far, the team has affirmatively stated that Eric Gagne is going to the Red Sox for Kason Gabbard and some low-level prospects and answered a follow-up question about Gagne's new role.  Ken Rosenthal confirms this is likely to occur.

I can't say I like it for the Rangers pending further information, but the Red Sox win big-time by getting him for Kason Gabbard.  Keeping him from the Yankees at that price is a no-brainer.

Brian Cashman better hope Alan Horne wins 10 games for the Yankees next season.

Update [2007-7-31 15:18:23 by Eric Hz]: The Rangers receive Kason Gabbard, David Murphy, and Engel Beltre. I expect a lot of the deeper post-trade analysis to focus on the Yankees' refusal to include any minor league pitching.