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MLB Trade Rumors by Ken Rosenthal - Eric Gagne, Joe Blanton, Troy Glaus

With five hours remaining until the trade deadline,'s Ken Rosenthal has just updated his column with what may be the last round of rumor updates today.  There are several interesting names contained in it.  (That shouldn't be surprising given any info will expire with the trade deadline, so why not be all-in right now?)

Amongst those rumors is the availability of Blue Jays' 3B Troy Glaus for "a substantial return".  I see no reason he couldn't fetch a package similar to the one Texas received for Mark Teixeira.

There is a longer explanation of the talks between the Dodgers and A's for starting pitcher Joe Blanton.  Most surprising?  The A's were willing to accept no major league players.

Mr. Rosenthal writes the Yankees won't include any pitcher of substance, including AA starter Alan Horne, in a Gagne deal.  But he does bring-up a solid alternative - AAA centerfielder Brett Gardner.  Some where in the synapses of my mind, I recall the possibilites of Melky Cabrera for Gagne. (ed- BP's "The Mill"? Jayson Stark's "Trade Market"?)