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Trade Rumors - New York Yankees, Eric Gagne, Joba Chamberlain, Alan Horne

With one more night to go until the non-waiver trading deadline ends, we should be near the peak of the trade rumor frenzy.  Because of that, I am including a bevy of chats today in hopes of uncovering a piece of intelligence I could use to my benefit over the remaining two months of the fantasy season.

Of particular interest is the report from the New York Post that the Rangers' Eric Gagne cannot veto a trade to either the Yankees or the Mets.  If there is a crack in the public front the Rangers have put-up about extending Gagne rather than trading him, then the Yanks could be a good fit.

[The Yankees] have relented some on Alan Horne, a pitcher who some in the organization think can be a No. 3 starter and others see using his above-average fastball/curve duo as a set-up man. This might come down to how Texas values Horne, or other arms such as Tyler Clippard, Jeff Marquez and Chase Wright. The Mets are monitoring to see if the price falls. And the Red Sox are interested, but are not among the 12 teams Gagne could be traded to without his permission. Both New York teams are on that list.

If that falls through, and I am inclined towards that reality versus the enjoyment of trade speculating, there is this very important piece of information from the New York Times

The Yankees will almost surely have a new setup man soon. They have switched Joba Chamberlain, the hard-throwing 21-year-old right-hander, to a relief role at Class AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

Both Baseball America and John Sickels were high on Joba (pronounced Jabba as in the Star Wars character) despite no minor league experience.  That hasn't changed.  Here is a pre-2007 write-up from Project Prospect.  Since he has no other professional experience, his career numbers are complete at  125Ks in 84.1 innings in his rise from High A to AAA with no drop-off in his skills rates says he is going to be a very popular pitcher to add.

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