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News From Yesterday

Nook Logan stole his 7th base of the season last night.  His AVG is a detriment, but the pace for a season's worth of SBs is right on.  On any other team, Nook's AVG would prevent him from earning a $380K salary.  Depending on your point-of-view, Nook will continue to be on the Nationals 25-man roster.

Matt Kemp homered for the second consecutive game.  If this is a sign that his power has finally returned, then he is a must-add for the second half of the season.  My spider sense is tingling, and I suspect it is a 10 HR/ 10 Sb second-hlaf that has it going.

One appearance after cleaning-up Bob Wickman's mess and getting a save, Braves' bullpen surprise, Tyler Yates, pitches the seventh and allows three runs.  Those runs tacked on almost three-quarters of a run to his ERA.  Am I the only one who even knew Yates had been pitching well?

Mariners' rookie reliever Brandon Morrow threw 1 2/3s innings last night and took the loss.  More important than wins and losses is Morrow's race between his innings pitched, strikeouts and walks.  Which stat is going to win that race?  Right now, Walks are ahead with 33 while I. Pitched and Ks are tied at 31.

Craig Biggio added another three hits last night.  He is now 15-39 over his last ten games.  Could he possibly have a good second half and not retire?  Given the way the Atros have managed their roster for the past ten years, that is a serious possibility.  With just three doubles amongst those 15 hits, maybe I'm getting paranoid.  But who can blame me?

Red Sox rookie Jacoby Ellsbury went 2-2 with two walks and a SB.  The Yankees' fan in me reacts much differently than the fantasy player part, but that is exactly what Ellsbury can do.  Bringing cheap steals into the game is always noteworthy.  (See first paragraph of this post.)

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